We are a passionate team of like-minded people, united by a common goal – traveling, specifically on motorcycles. Traveling on a bike, one opens new horizons and opportunities to visit places that are not easily reached by car. We were so impressed by our adventures that we decided to help others to discover their dream trips while sharing our knowledge and experience traveling in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is the place where many colorful Oriental cultures have merged together, where endless lands of nomads have stretched over and part of the famous Great Silk Road were passed. Kyrgyzstan is located in several “climatic zones”: from the subtropical zone of the Fergana valley, the semi-desert climate of the Talas and Chui valleys, mild coastal climate in the Issyk-Kul lake basin to the high-mountain glaciers covered with eternal snow. If you have never been in Kyrgyzstan before or simply want to come back. We can assist you on your travel around our country.

We know the best logistic routes to reach famous sights. We can provide motorcycles ready for long journeys, as well as necessary equipment to let you have only positive and unforgettable experience. We have individual approach to every client and will help to make your travel plans in a way that it meets all the requirements. You will only have to dive into nomadic tourism, capture all the wonders of our nature in photo and video and leave your feedback upon impression you will receive.

With our partners, if necessary, we can arrange for you escort vehicle and pick best accommodations that suits your needs.