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New season comming!!! Yaaaahhh!

Hi there, are you ready for the new season ??

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Who are all these people?🤔

Is it interesting to know, who are all these people?🤔   Who will meet you in Kyrgyzstan, and help you with a journey and motorcycles? Who are these people you trust?🙌     Today we would like to show you our Rider family. Yes, we are in the photo📸, spending our time outside. Here, we […]

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First journey in this season 2019.🎉

⏩Some of our bikes have recently started their first journey in this season.🎉   Have you already chosen a bike for your ride?🏍️   👉If the answer is “no” we will be happy to help you!   🌐Check your dates!   Please don’t be hesitate to ask us any questions:   FB – http://FaceBook Instagram […]

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Travel is the healthiest addiction.💥

Travel is the healthiest addiction.💥 There are a lot of positive reasons why being addicted to traveling is actually good and healthy for you. What is more, travel addiction can help you become a healthier, happier, and smarter person who lives life to the fullest! Travels give us pleasure, emotions and a lot of tales!🤪 […]

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Our motorcycles are ready for the new season!

Our motorcycles are ready for the new season!🏍️💪     Moreover, tell you a secret, they are looking forward to traveling!🤫 Are you ready to begin this season with us?     ✔️Follow us! A lot more interesting and new stuff is coming soon!😉 Double tap if you like🧡 and don’t forget to share.   […]

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Offer of season 2019

🏍️Welcome adventurers!👋   In Kyrgyzstan already is warm weather🌞🌡️, and summer is coming soon! Are you plan the travel? If it isn’t then you still have a chance!😉 It is simpler for you, we provide you the list of services!           ⏩So, this year we offer you a choice of the […]

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